Foods Which Are Bad For Your Teeth

Lets begin by talking about foods that are bad for your teeth. Sugar is your enemy #1.
Sugar. Sugar is a number one offender when it comes to causing cavities. Out of all the foods which contain sugar, the worst are hard candies, lollipops and any other sticky foods. For anything to take a good or bad effect, it has to stay on your teeth for a continuous period of time. For example teeth whitening gel has to be kept on your teeth up to an hour per day to penetrate tooth enamel and whiten your teeth. Consuming sticky foods it is like being shot from a double barrel shotgun. Not only they are rich on sugar, they also will stick to our teeth for a long period of time causing cavities. Amazingly chocolate is not as big offender of teeth because it does not stick to our teeth and it binds with fat molecules. Saliva is your ally when it comes to war against cavities. So, if do crave a lot of sweet foods, try to enjoy them during meal times when you generate more saliva which is used to wash sugar off your teeth.
Starches. All right you sugar lovers! You thought that once we are done with our #1 offender your life will be easier. Sorry to disappoint you, but staying healthy comes with a price tag, and does not matter what you think now, but trust me it is much cheaper to avoid un-healthy foods than pay the price for your overindulged craving in a doctors office. So, here comes offender #2. Yes starches are your number two offenders. Bread and potatoes are very popular in many households and even more so during holiday season. Refined flour in white bread and starch in potatoes are actually sugars and will produce the same result on your teeth as sugar would. So, stay away from those rolls, mashed potatoes, cookies, and potato chips.
Alcohol. If I may give an example, I would say that drinking an alcohol is like using an artillery gun fire to soften your enemy before ground troops will attack. Alcohol is like artillery that softens and wears away your tooth enamel, discoloring teeth and making them susceptible to cavities. Consuming sugary foods afterword is like using ground troops to attack your teeth, which will surely cause cavities. This being said, occasional drink is okay. Remember everything is good in moderation.
Don’t worry! It’s not all bad! Good news is that there are plenty of foods that you can consume and they are good for your teeth. In general most fruits and vegetables are considered to be healthy and help strengthen your teeth - as do a lot of foods containing protein.
Fruits and Vegetables. Most fruits and vegetables with a lot of fiber will help you to stay healthy and provide protection for your teeth and gums. Onions, garlic, celery, kiwis, parsley, and apples are all selected by experts as being predominantly good for your teeth.
Dairy Products. Another food group that is mostly good for your teeth is dairy products. In general cheese, yogurt, milk, and additional dairy products (without added sugar), are good choices for the teeth. These products help generate saliva which washes sugars off the teeth. Furthermore, dairy products contain calcium, which strengthens your teeth.

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