TotSites Mobile

As a parent I find it a challenge to have the camera “ready” for those candid moments that I want to remember the most. Sure I can ask “Izzy, wait here while Dad goes to grab the camera and then would you please put your hat on again, stand on one foot, and grin at me sideways?”. Not to mention those absolutely adorable moments when they say things like “Dad, why do boys have hair on their face…. Tell me the truth Dad…” as only a three year old can. I like to think that my memory is the same as it was 10 years ago, but as I get busy I tend to forget to post these to my TotSite until I frantically try to remember a week later.
The only thing that has saved me is the fact that I typically have my phone with which, thank you to technology, now doubles as a camera, camcorder and a Browser.
You can log in to your TotSite now and add Journals and Photos from your mobile device, but to be honest it’s not as easy as it should be. That is why we would like to announce TotSites Mobile!

The mobile version of TotSites is streamlined to let you get right to the point to add photos or that quick journal entry recording that funny phrase or moment you just experienced with your family. If you go to the log in page on TotSites it will automatically detect if you’re using one of the popular mobile devices and redirect you to here: Totsites Mobile Login . Simply use your normal username and password and you are set.