Video Lesson: Chords for Need You Now by Lady Antebellum

In this video Dave Haywood, guitarist for Lady Antebellum, teaches you how to play Need You Now. To play the song you will need to capo on the fourth fret. The chords for the Verses are just F and Am but feature some hammer ons to create that recognizable melody. The Chorus is C and Em and the Bridge goes Am, G/B, C, F, Gsus. Dave walks you through those chords and then you can play along with him against the song. Half the screen shows him strumming, the other half zooms in on his left hand, and there is a “bouncing ball” esque chord guide on the screen that changes as well while the studio version of the track plays in the background. The video was uploaded on 9/27/09 which is roughly a year and half before the song won a thousand Grammys.
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