Weight Loss

Medical Weight Loss of New York Tips the Scales Toward Positive Results
Dr. Wendy Scinta doesn not just treat disease and symptoms, she turns back the clock to reverse them. -We are about reversing the disease, not just treating the symptoms that surround it. In my practice, we attack and eliminate obesity at its core.-

A little over one year ago, Dr. Scinta, the only board certified bariatric physician in Central New York, had an idea: To create a center for individuals who are seeking an innovative approach to weight loss that would be grounded in medical science. With eight years as a family practitioner and a previous career as an engineer, Dr. Scinta merged her passion for science with her integrative medical approach. The result, Medical Weight Loss of New York, is an alternative to weight loss and long-term maintenance that is inventive and effective.

We treat obesity as the science that it is. We use state-of-the-art equipment to determine an individual’s energy expenditures and break down the body into its core components: fat, muscle, and water. We then perform calculations, draw blood, and modify the patient’s program so that we see rapid weight loss with optimal muscle preservation.

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