Mike Bennett Stack and Tilt Golf Swing

Mike is a Golf Swing Teacher to over 20 top touring pros. Mike Bennett and Andy Plummer created the Stack and Tilt Golf Swing that they have taught to over 20 top touring professionals. The Stack and Tilt Golf Swing is a revolutionary golf swing that keeps your weight stacked over the ball for pure contact shot after shot. The Stack and Tilt swing was developed after 20 years of research by Mike Bennett and Andy Plummer, who are commonly known as the "Swing Whisperers" for their near mystical ability to help players win.

Mike Bennett has been touted as one of the "hottest teachers in golf". Mike's students include Charlie Wi, Dean Wilson, Eric Axley and Tommy Armour lll. Mike spent time playing professionally while mastering the craft of the Stack and Tilt Swing and also spent years as a golf student before becoming a top golf swing instructor with his revolutionary golf swing. Mike has worked closely with some of the best instructors in the game, including spending several years by the side of swing guru Mac O'Grady. That coupled with his work with MORAD Investigation (Mankind's Objective Research and Development) helped shape the swing he teaches.

Mike Bennett and Andy Plummer have recently helped establish a high-tech research-and-development facility outside Philadelphia. So while the Plummer-Bennett model is racking up PGA Tour wins, a team of researchers are testing, measuring and cataloging what makes the swing they teach the best one a golfer can make.