Hey, I am a Kid, What is in it for me?

Get your allowance on time, every time. Do your parents forget to give you your allowance or avoid giving you one altogether because it’s too much of a hassle? FamZoo makes allowances automatic.
Lose the lectures. Tired of arguing with your parents about money? Take the emotion out of money discussions with FamZoo. Work out a regular allowance with your parents based on a budget that you both agree on ahead of time.
Take charge. Do your parents question everything you purchase? With an agreed upon budget and general spending guidelines, your parents are more likely to give you greater control over how and when you spend money.
Save money faster. With FamZoo, your parents can encourage you to save by allowing your money to grow at a more rapid rate than a traditional bank. Learn the magic of compound interest and the rewards of good saving habits without waiting around forever.
Make the world a better place. If you direct even a small portion of your allowance every week to a worthy cause, you can make a big difference over time.
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