Natural Wonder Pets

At Natural Wonder Pets, you have a choice:

You can resign the health of your best friends to the ravages of toxic chemicals, empty nutritional claims and diminished quality of life.

Or you can take the high road to natural abundance, radiant good health, primal longevity, and peak performance as Nature desires for all living things.

Studies reveal the average "natural" lifespan of a dog or cat to be 20 to 27 years of healthy, happy, active life.

Yet we see our precious pets passing away in half that time. Obesity and lethargy are common. Vet bills get factored into the cost of caring for pets. And premature age-related diseases set in much too early.

Is it any wonder? With toxic chemical flea and tick sprays, absurd claims about cat and dog food nutritional values, and corporate big-wigs throwing money at Madison Avenue advertising execs to brainwash us into believing empty promises...

Once difficult, now easy:

We're a small and nimble herbal pharmacy, a family company with dogs and cats of our own. Here at Natural Wonder Pets we make and sell only our own products so we know exactly what's in them. Sometimes it seem our best friends eat up all the profits, but ours is a labor of love. And we're on a mission.

If the ingredients are not honestly natural, we won't sell it. It's that simple, that easy.

Our products are strictly proprietary and exceed the FDA's Good Manufacturing Practices. They evolve from years of research and testing in loving family environments, not corporate laboratories. And they contain only the pure essentials - no fillers, no grains, no yeast, no sugars, no binders, no excipients, no starches - nothing synthetic to cheapen the formula.

Our mission here at Natural Wonder Pets is to create and deliver directly to you the most wholesome, purely natural pet health care products your hard earned money can buy.

Our reason for being in business couldn't be simpler - "to find and keep customers." That's it. And now that we've found you, we understand our job is to keep you by earning your business one order at a time.

We thank you for visiting Natural Wonder Pets. We're honored to have you as our customer.

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