Redcat Racing

Redcat Racing was established in 2005, and is among the premier wholesale dropshippers for quality Gas, Nitro and Electric powered RC vehicles. We at Redcat Racing proudly stand behind our full range of hobby grade RC Cars, Buggies and Trucks and offer a wide selection of parts, hopups and accessories.

Unlike other Dropship Companies, we've built a strong brand for you to
leverage making it easier for your reseller business to sell

We never compete with our dealers - we sell at our Suggested Retail Price

We also focus on introducing innovative new accessories to improve the performance of our RC vehicles - simultaneously increasing the enjoyment for customers and increasing profit

As a dealer, you'll have access to RedCat Racing high-resolution images,
videos ebrochures, dealer pricing, stock status, and live chat Dealer support

Access to our product data feeds RedCat Racing can email you daily or
weekly full inventory files which includes quantity available, image link,
description, weight and other information as per your specifications.
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