Redcat Racing Rockslide RS10

Redcat Racing Rockslide RS10
Redcat now offers low cost rock crawlers in the 1/8 scale and the 1/10 scale range. Today we will look at the 1/10 scale Rockslide RS10 rock crawler.

Even though you might be lead to believe this is an entry level crawler, you will find that it has some features for the seasoned crawler as well. It's time to take a closer look at the Rockslide RS10.

I can sum up my experience with the Rockslide RS10 with three words. Fun, fun, and fun. This crawler has good quality and it costs less than $200. I give the RS10 an A for value!

I was able to get around six hours of crawling in with the RS10 and not only did nothing break, I had an enjoyable yet surprisingly relaxing time. There's something about conquering that obstacle that gives me a sense of accomplishment. I also can't deny that I just like running over things.
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