Separation Anxiety

Dogs are social animals. They want to be part of a pack ,and once you bring them into your home your family becomes that pack. So imagine how hard it can be on your dog when the entire pack abandons him for hours every day. As a result, he probably feels anxious, frustrated, and stressed. Those emotions can lead to negative behaviors, including excessive barking and whining, destructive chewing, and even bathroom accidents.
You can conquer your dog's separation anxiety, but it does take some work. You need to desensitize your dog to the idea of being alone. This means you start off by leaving the house for a moment, then returning. Gradually, you begin leaving for longer and longer periods of time as your dog becomes able to handle each new milestone.
The last part of the process is exercise. A well-exercised dog won't have the energy to make a fuss while you're gone. Walking helps him shed that energy and frustration which are the real root of the problem, plus the exercise will do wonders for your health and will improve your relationship with your canine best friend.