Medicus Dual Hinge Combo Training Pack

The Medicus Combo Training Pack is an ideal gift for golfers at all stages of skill development. Thousands of golf pros rely on Medicus golf clubs to help them practice perfect drives, swings, and putts. Amateurs are also able to benefit from our Medicus golf training clubs just as much as professionals.

Medicus golf clubs empower the user to identify their flaws immediately, with the instant feedback of the Medicus Combo Training Pack’s patented dual hinge technology. A bad swing produces one visible result (a broken hinge) and a good swing produces another (an unbroken hinge). Imagine a player lucky enough to practice only technically perfect swings within the first few months of taking up the game. This lucky player obviously has an incredible advantage over his peers--he is fortunate enough to reinforce only good habits.

The Medicus Dual Combo Training Pack is an ideal choice for amateurs and pros that are serious about improving their game. The Medicus Combo is also an absolutely ideal gift for the person who has just begun golfing.