Fitdesk Understanding Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis

Research by the Mayo Clinic show us that Human Activity has two constituents, exercise-related activity thermogenesis and Non-exercise Activity Thermogenesis (NEAT). For the average modern American, exercise activity thermogenesis is negligible. NEAT, even for the most active trainers, remains the primary method of activity and is the energy burner. There are many ways that we participate in NEAT: including occupation, leisure and even fidgeting.

NEAT and the way you work

People who work as Emergency Medical Technicians (ambulatory personnel) can have NEAT values of 1000 kcal/day greater than their sedentary peers. In affluent countries, lower-NEAT jobs have been associated with increased obesity rates. In other words, if you sit at a computer, at your laptop or desk most of the day, you are not burning the calories or getting the exercise your body has adapted to over the past several millennia. Just think of all the calories we burned when we humans were hunting, gathering and farming all day! And we wonder why we have problems with being fat!

The Mayo Clinic research shows that the average effects of our sedentary work and leisure lifestyle accounts for a deficit of about 100-200 kcal/day; which potentially could account for the entire obesity epidemic! In other words, if we could just devise a way to move a bit while working and watching TV, we could possibly eliminate obesity!

The FitDeskâ„¢ laptop exercise desk is designed to provide a fun and convenient way to move while doing the things you do on the computer. Even moderate pedaling while working on your annual report, spreadsheet, or communication with friends and family online can give you amazing benefits over time.
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