Increase your Jeeps power and MPGs with Mile Edge Plus

With fuel prices on the rise and Americas increasing dependence on foreign oil it was
decided to pursue fuel savings as the major reason to install our product. Additional testing took place using an engine dynamometer and many road tests in many different applications. These results found improvement in 100% of the testing reports. Even though the product worked, it was a concern that Mile Edge Plus would be lumped in with the many products that have come and gone that claimed everything imaginable. A decision was made to pursue validation for the fuel improvements by getting tested by the California Air Resources Board (CARB) and an EPA approved laboratory. It took nearly one and one half

years, but the results were positive and Mile Edge Plus received an executive order from CARB and the results from the tests of the EPA approved laboratory detailing improvement in every vehicle test. The product is made in America and will not sweat, melt, contract or expand. It will never
wear out, never needs adjustment or replacement, and can be used year after year. It is guaranteed for life against defects. Each unit is custom made for specific engines and is easily installed in minutes. In most cases, Mile Edge Plus will pay for itself in weeks depending on how much you drive.
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