How Brain Activity Reflects the Feelings Behind Words

Unlike other voice-stress-analysis technology, which simply monitors voice frequencies, LoveDetect's "layered voice analysis" technology analyzes 129 aspects of sound, using 8,000 algorithms for each second of voice processed.

Voice patterns reflect the internal thought-process, or "brain activity", as it takes place during general conversation or direct questioning. Because of the extreme complexity of the vocal mechanism, our brain monitors it very closely. As our thoughts change our voice patterns change. LoveDetect actually measures and categorizes these patterns.

For example, if we get excited, our speech generally speeds up. When we think hard, or have a logical conflict, our speech slows down due to the need for more time to mentally prepare what we say.

LoveDetect works best during a free flowing general conversation, like you would have with a friend, boyfriend, or spouse. The words spoken don't matter. In fact, there isn't any need to interrogate or ask direct questions like 'Do you love me?'

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