TopRankings Article

Keyword Competitor - claims to be the “1st of its kind real-time SEO and PPC research tool”. And from what we can tell, this statement it seems to be true.

Keyword Competitor is more strongly geared toward PPC although it does report on the SEO performance simply because that is how the tool starts its process.

To get stated all you need to do is know of a competitor who is using PPC (if you are using PPC enter your own URL) and presto, the tool starts its process. It takes some time to gather the results because unlike others (,,,,,,,, ) this one does not store any data. All information is gathered in real-time and that is its unique feature.

Once you have entered the URL the tool quickly begins its search. First by identifying the website keywords, then the tool checks to see if those keywords any other related keywords are being used in any PPC campaigns. And it also keeps track of the competitors who are also marketing under the same group of keywords and tells you the percentage overlap. This is interesting because then you can take the biggest PPC competitors and run the same reports on them. Suddenly you have not accumulated a nice group of fresh relative words you can start to analyze for use in your own PPC campaigns but a collection of all the competitors ad copy.

Once you have defined your competitors and there keywords, now you can begin to monitor the position of their keywords and any changes made to their ad copy and landing pages overtime. You can literary monitor your competitors doing peal and split analyses and see if they increase their position as a result of there changes.

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