LinkVana is a Next Generation linking service that takes your snippets of original & unique content that you control, that are relevant to your sites topics and automatically propagates your snippets across our large network of Blogs. These snippets will have a link to any page you choose embedded within them. This network is not just a collection of rag-tag sites that are in the bottom of a closet gathering dust, these blogs are special. Not only are they on a ton of different C Class IP addresses, but they also have 1 or more of the following factors:

1.Healthy PageRank (from PR2 to PR5)
2.Loads of Link Popularity (our blogs have 1000's of inbound links)
3.Domain Age (some of our sites are over 6 years old)
All these factors combine to make the perfect recipe for you to gain the link popularity needed to earn solid rankings in the search engines.

There have only been a couple of services that have attempted to offer a service like LinkVana, but most of them have either closed down or are having serious problems. We could get into all the reasons why these services have fallen short, but let's focus on why LinkVana is different and succeeding.

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