Protecting your Cadillacs Paint clear coat finish for Winter

Wash your car. You must always wash your car before waxing or polishing it (or you'll be sealing in the dirt). It is important to use a Car Wash Soap before waxing to ensure that you don't have any remaining dirt or soap residue after rinsing. Wash & Shine Car Wash Soap is self-drying, which will save you time, especially as the temperature drops.

Wax your car. Your car wax coat will be the final line of defense between the damaging winter elements and your paint/clear coat finish. I prefer Gold Edition Best Car Wax because it is easy to apply, gives you a superior shine and is heavy duty enough to give your car real protection.

Seal the car wax with Paint Sealant. The Paint Sealant stays above the wax layer and will be the first barrier that comes into contact with the salt, snow, etc. Superseal Paint Sealant Sealer Wax is an easy to apply heavy duty sealant with extra protection.
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