Should I Buy a Certified Used Jeep?

The simple answer is maybe. But read on and do not take uncertified used cars off of your buyer radar just yet. Certified used car programs emerged in the 90s as a way to provide shoppers with an alternative to the traditional choices of buying either new or used. This third option, coined certified pre-owned, was designed to provide new car peace of a mind at a used car price.

The concept gained prominence as leasing programs hit all-time highs in the late 90s, leaving dealerships with a surplus of late model, low mileage off-lease cars in good condition. Rather then send the cars off to auction, dealers began reconditioning them and selling them as certified often with a warranty from the dealership. Luxury manufacturers such as Lexus and Mercedes were quick to see the value of such programs and soon created their own factory certified programs that included a factory-backed warranty. Soon, nearly every manufacturer had their own program and the
certified used car became a viable option for buyers looking for something less than new but more than used.

Today, certified used cars represent a significant portion of all automotive sales. In recent years, about 10% of all sales were attributed to certified vehicles and nearly 40% of late-model used-car buyers invested in a certified used car.