Avia offers one of the lowest dental fee schedules in the country.

Avia President Karen Coffield started her career in the industry in 1993, managing a dental and optical discount provider company in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area. By 1999, business was booming, and Ms. Coffield put her entrepreneurial talents to work. She acquired the company and operated as "Southeast Dental Care of America, Inc."

Since that time, "growth with service" has been the primary focus in Ms. Coffield's development of the Company. By 2004, discount dental was being provided to customers in Ohio (OH), West Virginia (WV), New Jersey (NJ), New York (NY), Maryland (MD), Washington D.C. (DC), Virginia (VA), Georgia (GA), Florida (FL), Texas (TX), California (CA) as well as Pennsylvania (PA). With plans for even more expansion, it was time to change the name and open the door to serving even more customers across the country -- "Avia Dental Plan ®" became the new name for Southeast Dental Care of America, Inc. In 2005, Avia Dental Plan ® expanded its reach and is now being offered in Nevada (NV), Utah (UT), Arizona (AZ), Missouri (MO), Massachusetts (MA), Colorado (CO), New Mexico (NM), and Louisiana (LA.)

Available to a family, individual or a group of any size, Avia offers one of the lowest dental fee schedules in the country, along with a network of established dentists who carry the finest credentials. At Avia, the top priority is customer service -- for both customers and dentists --giving personal attention to each and every call or inquiry. In addition, Avia Dental Plan now offers a discount Prescription Plan and discount Vision Care Plan at no additional cost to the member.