Dog Bite Injury

The Bite that Smarts – a Personal Injury Case
Being bitten by a dog may cause permanent injuries. If this has happened to you, it’s worth talking to a dedicated Sacramento personal injury lawyer about damages.
At one time we would just take Rover or Bitsy out for a walk wherever there was a place that didn’t have too much traffic or other animals roaming around. Of course the ideal spot would be a run in the country on a nice warm summer day with miles of lovely field stretched out in front of you on your trek.
Now, it’s becoming more common to take dogs to an off-leash park. In fact these types of parks are now showing up in rural areas and not just in the big city. Of course there are pros and cons to being in an off leash park, not the least of which is the possibility of your dog becoming ill because someone else didn’t vaccinate their dog. However, a larger issue with these off-leash parks is the increase of dog/human and dog/dog attacks.
Granted a lot of owners are the ones that usually get a chunk taken out of them, it doesn’t improve the situation any if the dog also takes a round out of a friend, another family member, a complete stranger or another dog. Talk about a messy situation. While a great many dogs in off-leash parks are obedience trained, this doesn’t mean all of them are, and aside from that, a dog is a dog. If the dog doesn’t like someone or another dog, things can and do happen; sometimes so fast you have no time to do anything about it.
Before you decide to take your canine for a stroll in the off-leash park, make it a point to find out what the leash laws are in your particular area. They do tend to vary and knowledge is power if you find yourself in a pickle because your dog went off the rails. In many cases, one of the first questions that comes up is whether or not you (or someone else) provoked the dog. E.g. by poking it with sticks or throwing rocks. If the dog was provoked, this makes for a weaker case in the eyes of the law.
In some states, the animal’s prior behavior and demeanor are factored into the claim, along with the owner’s awareness of the pet’s aggressive mannerisms. If you don’t know what the laws are in your state, you will certainly find out when you hire a skilled Sacramento personal injury lawyer to handle your case. If you have been badly bitten by a dog, there are some steps that you “must” take to make your case stronger.
Once bitten, seek immediate medical attention and make sure the injury is thoroughly documented. If you know where the dog lives, ask around to the neighbors to find out if any aggressive tendencies or other biting incidents have taken place and if possible speak to the dog’s veterinarian. Even if you are unable to get any information from the veterinarian, your Sacramento personal injury lawyer will be able to obtain the animal’s records if you need to go to court.
It’s a good idea to seek legal advice in cases like this, particularly when the dog’s owner won’t own up to being responsible for the dog or the injury. Dog bites, especially serious ones cause a lot of physical damage and pain. For fair compensation, speak to a Sacramento personal injury lawyer who may be able to recover your medical expenses, lost pay and other expenses. While the case may not go to court, the lawyer might be able to negotiate a fair settlement for you.
Deborah Barron is a Sacramento business lawyer, Sacramento employment lawyer, and Sacramento personal injury lawyer in California. To learn more, visit

Deborah Barron is a Sacramento business lawyer, <a href="">Sacramento employment lawyer</a>, and <a href="">Sacramento personal injury lawyer</a> in California. To learn more, visit


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