Workplace Accidents

Personal Injury at the Worksite
Everywhere you turn these days there is construction of some type underway. Accidents on the job site happen regularly and to deal with the damages, you need an excellent Sacramento personal injury lawyer.
One of the leading occupations in the US today is working in the construction industry. Whether it’s on a road crew or a building crew, the workplace is fraught with the possibilities of having an accident. While most work sites do strive for a good safety record, things happen. Those things could include a fall from unsafe scaffolding, electrocution from an improperly wired cord or a crush injury as the result of a load slipping from the sling of a crane.
It’s a fact that being in the construction industry is a nod to putting your life on the line to get the job done. No one wants to be hurt or injured while on the worksite and most workers do use caution to avoid the most obvious of possible accidents. It’s the things that happen unexpectedly that may cause devastating personal injury or death.
Not all worksite accidents are life threatening or serious. They may just relate to repetitive strain injury or pulled muscles from lifting the wrong way. Nevertheless, hazards continually stalk every construction site.
The most common accidents on a construction site are falling. While the height might not be that great in terms of distance to fall, even a short distance may result in severe injuries or death. E.g traumatic brain injury due to the head hitting a solid object. Falling objects are another very common happenstance at a work site. This could include everything from bricks to iron girders. Most often this injury comes as a surprise to the worker who suddenly gets hit from above.
Equipment failure or failure to operate it in the right manner is another area fraught with accidents waiting to happen. The older the equipment and the faster the worker tries to work, the higher the chances of an accident. As well, working on a construction site involves manual labor, often tough physical demands on a daily basis, which may result in lifting strains and overall wear and tear on a body.
Factor in chemical spills that may include lubricants, toxic cleansers or other deadly substances that may cause either immediate problems (respiratory) or long-term difficulties such as lung cancer. Along with spills of course comes the real hazard of fires and explosions. What happens post-accident and how should those injured get compensation?
Post accident problems may include expensive medical bills, missed work and thus lost wages, inability to perform again at pre-accident level, the loss of personal days and sick days to handle the injury and the very real possibility that others on the construction site won’t want the “accident” reported etc.
As you can see, it’s a real can of worms. This is why it is very important, critical in fact to get a skilled Sacramento personal injury lawyer. They can run interference for you when it comes to dealing with insurance companies who don’t want to pay out on a personal injury claim. They will also explain your rights to you and what you may expect if your case proceeds to court.
Deborah Barron is a Sacramento business lawyer, Sacramento employment lawyer, and Sacramento personal injury lawyer in California. To learn more, visit

Deborah Barron is a Sacramento business lawyer, <a href="">Sacramento employment lawyer</a>, and <a href="">Sacramento personal injury lawyer</a> in California. To learn more, visit


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