Free Weights vs. Machines: The Facts

Apparently there is much confusion amongst a lot of people over which builds muscle faster and “better”. When it comes to muscle building, for people like me, who have been weight lifting for 20 plus years, the answer is simple. And it’s not what you think.

I used to play a lot of golf. But I don’t anymore for two reasons. The first is I have gotten large in the chest and shoulder region and no longer have the ability to make a proper turn. The flexibility is still there, but the space isn’t.

The other reason I quit was because I was too cheap to hire the right kinds of people to teach me how to swing the club properly. I was always getting advice, but it was usually from people who swung the club not much differently then I did. They could tell me all kinds of things, but their swing proved to me that their advice was pretty much worthless. What's my point?

Be careful whose advice you take.

You want to know how to build muscle? Join a gym and watch the biggest guys there. Do the types of things they do. Now, they are more advanced and further along in their weight lifting program than you, but you can still pick up many things. I try to take advice from people who can PROVE to me they KNOW what they are talking about. When you can bench your body weight TIMES TWO, I’ll listen.

Free Weights or Machines? Ultimately it makes NO DIFFERENCE WHATSOEVER. People will say things like, “free weights work smaller muscles better” and “machines restrict the movement”. Okay, those are true, to some extent. But what about, “machines are much faster and more convenient so you can do more in less time” or “much more in the same time”. If machines don’t work, why is every Powerhouse and Gold’s in America filled with them? Do the guys in Gold’s and Powerhouse know ANYTHING about weight lifting?

What builds muscle faster and better? CONSISTENCY. Huge men use machines AND free weights. You may have preferences, and they may change depending on the exercise, but the most successful lifters you see use both. Did they get that big by wasting time using ANYTHING that didn’t work?

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