How to Choose Christmas Lingerie for Your Girlfriend

You have heard that your wife or girlfriend would really like some sensuous Christmas lingerie as her gift this year. You feel uncomfortable and maybe tell her you do not know what she likes, perhaps you have tried to surprise her with lingerie before but she did not wear it. Either way you get a bit nervous. Sound familiar?
Many men do not feel comfortable about buying underwear for the woman in their life because it is such a private thing to do. Also woman have very particular tastes when it comes to lingerie and because there is so much choice in the way of lingerie in the stores these days it is very common that men struggle to buy the right thing
Nowadays, high street lingerie stores commonly employ expert advisors especially in the run up to Christmas. This is a good move but there remains a number of men that are just too embarrassed and nervous to ask advice about such intimate matters.

It is because of this that these helpful guidelines below have been written to help you choose.
Initially, it is important to do your research just like if you embark on any other new venture. The correct size is a crucial factor in getting your present right. You need to check your partner's underwear collection and record the sizes. Look at the labels. On slips you are looking for a number; an example is 10 or 14. They can also be classed as small, medium or large. Bras will have a number for chest size and a letter for cup size, something like 38B. In order to not forget it is best to write the sizes down.
Be sure to notice what kind of lingerie your partner seems to like. What is there a lot of? If her drawer is full of sexy daring underwear she will probably not be too pleased with a sports bra and vice versa; if most items are practical and plain it's best not to give her a bright pink g-string.
Check out the rest of her clothing too and note what types of colors she likes. It is a good idea to experiment with colors. White multipacks of panties are not really the ideal Christmas lingerie to give.
Armed with all the crucial details, you are almost ready. Just be sure to adhere to the further tips here to ensure you don't get it wrong at the last minute.
Most women prefer matching sets. A secret hint is to buy some extra slips for the set so that the ensemble can be used more often.
With lingerie you nearly always get what you pay for so it is best to splurge a little bit. Cheap lingerie tends not to last and does not give good support.
Do not ignore the fabrics. What does she wear a lot? If she wears a lot of tight clothing, choose smooth fabric that will not show underneath. Also check if she has any skin sensitivities.
Talking specifically of bras, there are some additional things to consider. The shape of the bra is paramount. Also check if your partner wear under-wired bras; they tend to be more supportive and enhance her shape. Low-cut and balconette styles are also very flattering. For a present it is probably best to avoid minimisers and maximisers unless she specifically asks for them.
Last, but not least, ensure that the gift is wrapped nicely. If the shop assistant offers to wrap it, let them do so. If not, it is a nice idea to buy a gift box or some special wrapping paper. To show that you have made an effort will surely win her heart.
Your partner or wife drops subtle hints that she would appreciate some beautiful Christmas lingerie for her Christmas present this year. This results in you considering wriggling out of it by saying that you are not sure what lingerie to purchase.

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