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Pennies For Pounds At Moon Bingo


When you think about it pennies won’t buy you much in the shops these days. Well the pennies are worth a lot more at Moon Bingo with their one off special promotion to be played on Wednesday, December 9th at 9pm. Yes pennies will get you pounds; in fact you could win £1,111 just for one penny.

The jackpot is guaranteed with no minimum prize. This is a game not to be missed and a fantastic way to spend those odd pennies in your bingo account. You can buy tickets now up to a maximum of 96. Plus there are regular penny games every Wednesday night 7pm-9pm in the Beginners Luck room and you don’t have to be a funded player.

Money makes the world go round; well it would if you became a millionaire. Moon Bingo is giving someone the chance to declare themselves a Self Made Millionaire in this fantastic
bingo promotion. the fun takes place on December 17th at 9pm. Someone could walk away with a pguaranteed jackpot of £1m in less than 5 minutes(length of bingo game) Tickets cost just 25p and can be bought in advance. Each player is allowed the maximum of 96 tickets. The game is played in the 75 ball room and is a coverall game. If the £1m isn’t won, then there is a nice £1000 minimum jackpot to be had. What a great way to impress your online bingo friends with a fantastic jackpot win.

Now everyone likes something for free and Moon Bingo aim not to disappoint with their free bingo games. The free games are played every day and all day in the special free bingo rooms. Games have jackpots between £1 and £10. Plus there are £25 jackpots every 15 minutes. So why not play some free games and get some free bingo cash to buy tickets for the ennies to pound and Millionaire promotions. You’d be mad to miss out.

When you join Moon bingo now and take a look at its pretty redesign you will be able to get a £30 free bonus when you make a deposit of just £10. Sign up now to
Moon bingo.

xxx Suzie Foreman

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