Best way to Remove Pet Stains

            Anyone will tell you, just as “Mrs. Clean”, the best way to remove pet stain is simply to react quickly and clean effectively (“Tips,” 2008). What happens if you do not find it in time? Pet stains are very harsh to fabric and tend to absorb in fibers if not treated immediately, so what do you do? I will provide some common tips to keep in mind when trying to clean pet stains. First, you want to treat the stains with bio chemical products. You will find a wide variety on the market. They work because they actually break down the bacteria and acids that are found in urine. When you do find the stain, immediately grab terry cloths or other materials and blot the stain to absorb as much of it as you can. In this manner, apply just a bit of pressure to the area and then flipping the towel to a clean area to allow the liquid to be absorbed from the carpet into your towel. You really want to avoid regular cleaners because they actually do not get any of the products out of your carpet, but it will stop the enzyme cleaners from working. Try to keep these bio chemical products around the house for immediate use. Once you buy it you should actually test it out onto a hidden area to test the quality, in worse case, if you purchased one that works against your carpet you could hide it easily. Another product to stay clear of is ammonia and vinegar. Your pet will smell this in the carpeting and think that it is urine. Guess what, he/she will urinate there repeatedly because it is his/her natural reaction to urinate where it smells of urine.

            In most cases, the safest way to go is to get assistance from a professional, such as Payless Carpet Cleaners. They will be able to identify the areas of urine contamination with their inspection tools. Second, they will treat the urine with a special urine pre-treatment to break the bonding so that when the carpet is cleaned much of the urine can be extracted. Lastly, the areas of urine contamination will be treated with enzyme injections that attack the urine at the molecular level to eat the remaining urine. Professionals general attain enzyme-producing bacteria that digest organic waste matter, destroying urine odors at their source for permanent odor removal. In addition, it withstands high temperatures and pH without losing its effectiveness.

            For more information, please refer to Payless Carpet Cleaners at or by telephone at (305)503-5868 or (954)671-1050.


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