Why Choose Steam Cleaning for your Carpets?

            Steam cleaning proves to be the superior choice in the carpet care industry. The unique heating system, long lasting deep clean, ability to kill germs, bacteria, and dust mites, safe-bio-degradable cleaning agents, residue free finish, rapid drying time, and hot water extraction and  rinsing prove to support the arguments that favor steam cleaning over “dry chemical cleaning” approaches.


            The unique heating system helps to maintain the temperature for sanitation as well as agitating-with both water and vacuum extraction. This is the backbone of the physical removal procedure. The temperatures necessary to reach sanction levels in 130 degrees and higher. In order to attain this degree in temperature one should look into all companies with a fuel oil fired heating system usually located on a cleaning unit, such as a truck. Those with a built in truck-cleaning unit, such as Payless Carpet Cleaners, contain the sources necessary to ensure temperature levels are met. Some may have concerns in the result that there may be over-wetting issues or even shrinkage. The safest way to insure great results is to use a non-toxic citrus-based compound. This type of compound is not only an exceedingly efficient cleaning agent, but also safe enough for the usage of pets and babies to walk and crawl on immediately after cleaning.


            Dry chemical agents generally buff the surface. Steam cleaning provides the extraction of all dirt, grime, and debris, as well as bacteria, molds, mildew, animal dander, dust mites, viruses, and pollen, even below the surface, which provides a more long lasting deep clean, thanks to hot water extraction and rinsing. Hot Water Extraction, steam, because of its effectiveness in quality cleaning is recommended by 98% of the carpet mills. Not only is steam cleaning excellent to remove all particles but it also has the ability to leave no residue behind because of the rinsing strokes performed at the end of the cleansing cycle. After this most worry on the drying time, but with the gas-powered truck mounted equipment, they have the ability to extract moisture. Depending on the material this reduces drying time from anywhere to two to ten hours, which is in fact tremendous.




            For more information, as well as the reference of this article, please refer to Payless Carpet Cleaners at http://www.payless-carpet-cleaners.com/carpet-cleaners.html or by telephone at (305)503-5868 or (954)671-1050.

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