Diamond engagement ring, diamond engagement rings, yellow diamond engagement ring

Diamond engagement ring, diamond engagement rings, yellow diamond engagement ring, yellow diamond engagement rings, fancy yellow diamond engagement ring, fancy yellow diamond engagement rings… my sisters boyfriend was completely sure he had found the perfect picture of the no less perfect ring that he wanted to buy my sister in order to ask her to marry him. "It is right here," he kept saying over and over as we searched, page after page under various listings for diamond engagement rings on the Internet. He kept finding it, thinking it was exactly the ring he had seen before, and then decided it was wrong, either because the pattern was slightly off, the size of the stones weren't quite big enough or it didn't have the group of emerald cut diamonds in the very center of the setting, all of which he remembered quite perfectly except for where he had found it in the first place. I was beginning to feel bad for my sister.

It was like an archetypal journey; page after page, ring after ring, we were so far away from the original words, we had typed in, as we started the project there was no longer any hope of finding the exact listing he had found before. The most we could hope for, at this point, was to find the same, identical ring he had found but in some new location. "Let's start over," he said, finally. I couldn't believe my ears. My mind simply boggled. I was speechless! Diamond engagement ring, diamond engagement rings, yellow diamond engagement ring…There it is!

"Right," I said.

"No, really," he shouted. "this is it."

I assured him, if he changed his mind one more time I would kill him. He was undeterred. It was a beautiful ring. A diamond engagement ring, yes, and not actually a yellow diamond engagement ring, it was a predominantly white, round diamond ring, with mostly round diamonds, but with a cluster of fancy yellow emerald cut diamonds in the center. He had told me the significance of having her ring contain yellow diamonds but I could not remember what it was. I was just happy that the search for this elusive ring was over and ending happily. Hopefully happily ever after!

He apologized profusely for wasting so much of my day and assured me he would one day patiently help me find my girlfriend's diamond engagement ring. "hey, no worries mate," I told him, "I just decided that my girl is picking out her own diamond engagement ring when the time comes, whether she likes it or not."

"But what if she loves surprises?"

"Then I'll give her one," I assured him, "but on the honeymoon!"

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