Houston Home Security: Tips for Getting the Most out of your Houston Home Alarm

In Houston, a home security system can give a homeowner the peace of mind they want as they try to keep their loved ones and property as safe as possible. A home alarm can, indeed, ward off would-be burglars much more effectively than a phony security systems sign in your Houston home, because criminals know that quality home alarm companies do not allow non-customers to display their signs. Simply hanging out a completely false sign from a non-existent company doesn’t work either, for smart burglars know which companies are legitimate and which are not.

A few tips to keep in mind when you do decide to order a home security system are:

Use a licensed vendor. A license does not necessarily guarantee that the company you hire will be honest and capable, but it does indicate that the vendor who is going to install, repair or service your home’s system has been registered with the state. This registration means that the vendor has met all of the minimum criteria and carries proof of insurance or bonding—so you have that added protection as well.

A local alarm system is not as effective. An alarm system that only sounds on the protected premises—and therefore is not monitored—are not nearly as effective as a monitored alarm system. Investing in a local alarm means that you are counting on neighbors to call the police if it is set off. It is a much better idea to have a licensed vendor monitor a wired system.

The best alarms use phone lines. The most reliable alarms use phone lines that are routed through metal conduits that prevent them from being cut.

Your Houston home alarm system should combine perimeter and interior detection. The most effective security systems protect every door of your Houston home with a switch device. Whether the homeowner chooses to cover every window (or every downstairs window) can get expensive, which means that the decision to do so should be helped by a local vendor that can give you advice about the type of crime common in your particular area. When window protection is desired, glass-break sensors are the preferred type of device.

Interior devices cover a specific space and are usually wall-mounted. Passive infra-red sensors are the least sensitive to false alarms, because they are not set off by pets, air current changes or similar sources of heat. Remember to account for coverage in the home’s attic access in semi-exposed locations such as the garage. It is also a good idea to consider installing panic buttons at fixed locations.

Every Houston home security system uses a unique coding system. Make sure to find a coding system that works for you. This may mean that everyone in your family uses a particular code, or it may mean that your “arming” and “disarming” codes have different codes. If you employ a household worker, then a different arming and disarming code is great, since it lets the worker arm the system, but not turn the system off.

Security systems for your Houston home must be tested regularly. Set up a schedule with your Houston home alarm company to test your system at least once a month. Wireless systems are usually self monitoring and will signal the user if the battery starts to become low.
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