It's Time To Spruce Up Your Lawn and Garden Areas And I Can Help

It's Time For a Spring Clean Up and Make-Over.

It's time to get off the couch and decide what you are going to do differently this year for your lawn and garden areas. Maybe out-do the neighbor this year or impress those Sunday drivers who constantly love to drive by. Be the envy on your block.

Are you tired of looking at those rail-road ties boarding your flower beds, or those red bricks? We have beautiful and colorful stepping stones and garden plaques that will enhance the look of those flower beds. We have decorative lawn ornaments and whimsical creatures to choose from. If you love frogs, we have frogs.

After all that hard work sprucing up that garden area, it's time to lay back and relax and enjoy the beauty of your garden. We have hammocks and hammock chairs to make your outdoor relaxing a little more easier. Whats more relaxing while you are laying there, is listening to your windchimes. We have a great selection. Lay back in the wind and enjoy the different sounds they make. You can picture it now.

Do your trees need a little more color to them. We have a great selection of bird houses to choose from. They are bright and cheerful to look at. We have Victorian, Nautical, Gazebo shaped, Soda Fountain, Saloon, Wedding Chapel, Diner and alot more designs to choose from. We also have birthbaths and fountains. New this year is our tree decors. Cute little creatures you attach to your tree. Its a must to see. They match the color of your tree trunk.

Now that you are relaxed, now you are getting hungry. Time for a BBQ. We have serving boldly styled serving trays, a picnic-on-the-go tote that has a 28 piece set of eating utensils. It includes plates, wine glasses, napkins, cutlery for four, shakers, a mini cheese board, plastic glasses and a folding cork screw/bottle opener.

We have BBQ tool set that includes spatula, fork, brush, knife and tongs.

Please stop by and check us out at Judys All Occasion Gifts at  you just might be surprised at all the gifts and gift ideas we have.  I can hear your envious neighbors now.



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