Taser versus a King Cobra

If you were expecting to see a big, highly poisonous snake getting zapped by a Taser, I am sorry to disappoint. What I am writing about is the 900,000 volt stun gun called the King Cobra.

The King Cobra stun gun is the most powerful non lethal self defense device available. This isn't like the stun guns of old that were little more than toys. When you push the trigger on the King Cobra stun gun, it erupts with what looks like a bolt of lightning and makes a very scary and intimidating popping noise that is probably enough by it's self to scare any would be attackers away.

However if you do have to actually use the King Cobra stun gun on someone, have no fear - you only have to touch them with it.

What does it do to them you ask? The high voltage it generates causes the body to overload the muscles with lactic acid. This creates an incredible amount of pain, similar to getting a really bad cramp or like getting hit again and again with a baseball bat by Sammy Sosa.

The 900,000 volts the King Cobra stun gun produces will immediately drop an assailant to the ground and leave them in a dazed and confused state with very limited mobility for up to 5 minutes or more, allowing you plenty of time to escape.

The effects do eventually wear off and it does not cause any kind of permanent damage. When used properly, this is a non lethal self defense device.

Tasers are also excellent self defense devices and are what you usually see police officers using, however for the average civilian, they are much more suited for home defense and not so much for everyday walking around self defense.

The Taser is a much larger unit that is not practical to have concealed. For police officers or security personnel, this is not an issue. For the normal person though, you may get some pretty strange looks if you go walking around with a Taser strapped to your side.

It's true the Taser can shoot out two darts at a range of about 15 feet allowing you to stay at a distance, however most street criminals do not give you that kind of an opportunity.

Most assaults happen up close and by the time you react, the person is within 5 feet of you. At that distance, and with fear and adrenaline working against you, it is too late to pull out the Taser, take aim and fire.

That is why a high power stun gun is recommended as a stun gun will allow for gross movements, which is more desirable in a highly stressful situation such as being assaulted. And because you are touching the person, you don't to worry about aiming or what happens if you miss. The smaller size of the stun gun will allow you to easily carry the device with you at all times and it is recommended that you get in the habit of having the stun gun in your hand when you are walking thru a parking lot or other area so that it can be at the ready when you need it.

The Taser and the King Cobra stun gun both have their place as effective non lethal self defense devices. If your main concern is protecting your home, then a Taser might be right for you. If you like the idea of having a bolt of lightning at the ready when you are out and about, the King Cobra stun gun would be the way to go.