New breed of powerful stun guns and self defense devices targeted to the general public

With a growing demand for non lethal self defense devices, companies are developing new and more powerful stun guns, Tasers and pepper sprays to fill this demand. These new self defense products have advanced technology and are as powerful as or more powerful than what police officers carry.

Companies such as Action Stun Guns are offering high power self defense devices for the public that do not require background checks or licenses.

Recently they have released a newly developed stun gun that they market as the King Cobra Police Model stun gun. Delivering over 900,000 volts of electricity into an assailant, this stun gun can incapacitate a person for up to 15 minutes with just a touch. Though it is marketed as a police model, anyone over 18 can purchase these stun guns.

At the 2007 CES show, the new Taser C2 created a buzz with lots of media attention. This is basically the same Taser carried by police officers minus the camera and in a smaller configuration.

Taser is marketing the C2 as a civilian model and offering it in 6 trendy colors. The Taser C2 shoots two darts at a range of up to 15 feet that impale themselves into the would be attacker and then deliver up to 80,000 volts of electricity directly into the persons muscles and nervous system, instantly dropping them to the ground.

Even pepper spray is evolving. Mace Inc. is a leading manufacturer and producer of security products including their proprietary brands of pepper sprays and tear gas.

Most recently they have developed a pepper spray gel that sticks to a person's skin to overcome the concern of wind blowing the pepper spray into the defenders face or making it useless against an attacker. They have also blended pepper spray and tear gas together and then added a UV dye so that identification of the attacker can be confirmed if they are later apprehended.

These are just the beginning of a wave of new self defense products and devices being produced to satisfy a growing demand by the general public.

Derek Wray of Action Stun Guns says "People are starting to realize that the police come after a crime has been committed and if you are being attacked or assaulted, you will have to defend yourself. Even so, most people do not want to carry a gun for many reasons but mostly they do not want to have to kill someone or they are scared of the legal implications."

These new self defense devices are easy to use with little or no training needed and are easily available on the internet, at flea markets and even traditional gun stores are now carrying these alternative products.

As crime rates rise and people feel vulnerable, more and more are turning to these non lethal alternatives to carrying a gun so as to be able to feel safe. Considering these products are generally considered non-lethal, perhaps it's not just the self defense devices that are evolving.

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Action Stun Guns is a subsidiary of InterShop Network, Inc., a Florida based company that has been in operation since 1998.