How a Runt Stun Gun Was Used

My girl friends and I were excited about the weekend all week long. You see we were from a small town and we had a great weekend planned in the big city.

It was around 12:30 AM Saturday morning when we rolled into the city, all of us were tired. Everyone except for me, decided to call it a night and start fresh in the morning. I thought I would go down to the motel bar and have a night cap. So I reassured the girls that I would only have one and be back in 20 minutes.

Getting on the elevator I noticed that there was a man staring at me from down the hall. I was glad that the elevator doors were opening, so I hurriedly stepped in.

On the elevator was a very nice couple and to my surprise they were also going down for a night cap. When we got down to the bar we got a table, ordered our drinks. As I was telling them my scary guy staring story the waitress brought me another drink and said it was from a guy at the bar. I looked up to see who had sent it, and realized it was him! I told the waitress to return the drink with my “No Thank You” and that I was only staying for one.

The couple I was sitting with notice that I was shaking and insisted they ride the elevator up to my floor with me when we finished our drinks, but the next time I looked up the guy was gone. I managed to quit shaking so bad by the time I had finished my drink, and felt a lot better. I told them to not to hurry and finish the 3rd drink.

When we went up, I stepped off the elevator very slowly looking around to see if the scary guy was anywhere around, I didn’t see him anywhere so with a big sigh of relieve, I made a mad dash to the room as fast as I could! Just as I opened the door, someone grabbed me from behind and shoved me into the room. I started screaming, my 2 girl friends jumped up, turned on the light and when they realized what was going on they started screaming themselves. As all this was going on, my 3rd girl friend came out of the bathroom, with a Runt 950,000 Volt Stun Gun and zapped this guy right in the middle of the back before he knew what was going on, and down he went. The police were called and the guy was arrested. We all took it kind of easy the rest of the weekend.

When we returned home, we all ordered our own, Runt 950,000 Volt Stun Guns after seeing how they saved us from something terrible.

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