Cell Phone Stun Gun Saves Woman

I couldn't wait to get back to work so that I could write you this Thank You Note. I purchased a Cell Phone Stun Gun from you a couple of weeks back, I also purchased some OC Pepper Spray at the same time. The reason I thought that I needed these types of Self Defense Products is because I work in a Financial Institution in down town Seattle, WA. We have to park in an under ground parking garage. It is dark, damp and scary down there, and I always just get a sick feeling every time I have to walk though there, either to work or going home. When I found out about your company I went to your Website to check it out. What a great selection of products I might add. Anyway at first I was going to just settle for a regular stun gun, but I was talking to my boyfriend about it and he said he thought the Cell Phone Stun Gun would be better because I could carry it in my hand while I was walking and no one would ever know what I was really carrying was a 950,000 volt Stun Gun. So that is exactly what I did. When it arrived I was delighted, it came with batteries and a holster all included and ready to go. I had been carrying it about a week when the thing I feared the most happened. I was walking to my car one night after work. I keep the Pepper Spray on my key chain with my car keys, and always' carry the Pretender Cell Phone Stun Gun in my hand ready to go. Just as I got to my car I heard this noise, turned and looked and this man was sneaking up behind me, and was getting ready to expose himself, I pushed the button on my Cell Phone Stun Gun and it started that load cracking noise and you could actually see the electricity jump between the two electrodes on the end. This guy jumped back, let out a scream like he had been shot and took off running as fast as he could. I didn't even have to get close to him with it, and the sound alone scared him to death. Even though I was seriously shaken by this episode, and didn't know what this man had planned, I strongly believe this Cell Phone Stun Gun saved me from something terrible.