WTI Industries Adds New Resin Line

For years WTI Industries has supplied beeswax candle covers, also known as candle sleeves to the lamp and lighting industries. However their effort has been limited to those companies using 25 watt bulbs or less in their applications. But now with their recent introduction of their all new Hard Resin Candle Cover line this has all changed. The company has finally closed the gap by intrducing their all new and higher heat resistant resin candle covers. Their new resin line is comprised of not only candelabra and Edison base covers but also pillars which includes their beautiful new line of Nuance Pillars.  "These new hollow shells can really create a dramatic effect inside and bring out a homes true ambient beauty." Says Lou Carlsson, WTI Industries general sales and operations manager. He adds, "Finally, after two years of research, we have come up with a formulation that not only mimics the true beauty of natural beeswax but can withstand  the heat of  higher wattage bulbs."

The new resin line is easy to maintain and simply wiping it down with a damp cloth is all that is needed. The company also supplies UV resistant resin parts for patios and exterior applications.

For those companies who can safely use beeswax candle covers on their fixtures; WTI produces some of the finest hand crafted beeswax covers in the industry. They have long been a staple of some of the more demanding fixture manufacturers around.

Their beeswax candle cover line has always included a striking array of color choices and sizes and remains the choice of finesse oriented individuals and businesses. 

To access their information please visit their site at http://www.wtiindustries.com



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