Free Stuff, Contests, Gift Rewards + more for Canadians

Not all clicks are created equal. The best clicks in life -- are free! 

That's the tag line to a network of proprietary web channels that have been launched. Check out any of the sites; enjoy all that you see as there are some incredible contests, free trials, gift rewards, promotions and all in all, lots of great free offers to take advantage of. -- contests, trials, samples + everything free! -- promotions and free stuff to women! -- free software for anyone! -- tired of high gas prices? get it here for free!

The mandate of the network of sites is to offer the audience culture, a channel of sites that will create harmony and meaningful connections between the members and advertisers in kind; all the while, providing a unique opportunity with no strings attached and no purchases necessary - all free - all the time, access to free offers while adhering to the ideals of business etiquette and principles of trust.

The key aspect for the network properties is that they add value to the users experience. When the consumer has finished “clicking, browsing and carousing” on the various sites, they have already built a relationship with and any number of the companies listed. This strategy works because the request for information was created by the consumer and not by the advertiser. The two keys to remember are that information is at a premium and that information must be requested.

Not one member receives financial compensation for participating in any offer and unlike most web portals that offer sweepstakes, freebies, downloads, value discounts and contests, not one person must sign up for 'X' offers in order to be eligible for a prize or offer. The individual may sign up for as little, or as many, vendor offers as they choose. We therefore facilitate a genuine interaction of push marketing that is capable of leveraging brand awareness with loyalty to cultivate business and guide lead generation solutions according to business goals, and do so in a much more friendly manner. The channel properties will provide an effective way for businesses to acquire a potential customer for a cornucopia of initiatives:

•  build goodwill, brand equity, loyalty and viral marketing initiatives
•  encourage free downloads, product and service trials that build sales
•  use prospect submissions to conduct market research
•  building of a mailing list to initiate and develop correspondence
•  target a defined audience with precision
•  gauge the impact and current health/viability of your product or service
•  understanding prospects attitudes, perception of value and purchasing behavior
•  pricing strategy in determining how consumers respond to various price points
•  product testing, packaging, logo design and launch evaluation capabilities and its network properties will embody a unique culture that must be respected. With a program mandate of adding value and enhancing the users experience, the lead acquisition program will allow for a maximum return on investment with minimal risk.