Embroidered Clothing - What's its Appeal?

Embroidered Clothing - What's its Appeal?

Embroidered clothing is patterned clothing, even if the pattern is nothing more than a simple flower print. Patterns appeal to people by helping them to break the monotony and boredom of uniformity.

When the embroidery is hand embroidery, it adds another dimension to the appeal. Hand embroidered clothing is unique with each piece being different from another in small (or big) ways. This adds to the attraction because people want their own thing to be different from what everybody else has.

Hand Embroidered Clothing

Hand embroidered clothing is typically the work of skilled crafts persons. Sometimes it can go beyond craft into the realms of art, creating new meanings and feelings.

Embroidery involves creating intricate decorative patterns on fabric using yarn and needle. The embroiderer works for hours to stitch the intricate patterns painfully by hand. Different kinds of stitches, yarns, needles and other tools are used in the work.

Stitching in pearl, beads, metal strips and other material into the patterns enhanced the effect. For example, mirror embroidered skirts, with small round mirrors stitched into the cloth, common in a certain region of India, is a fascinating product.

In modern days, embroiderers use sewing machines to make embroidered cloth.

Kinds of Embroidery

Crewel embroidery is a kind of surface embroidery. A pattern is outlined on the cloth to be embroidered, and wool thread and different kinds of stitches are used to create raised decorative patterns that are comparatively heavy.

In cross-stitch embroidery, uniformly sized x-shaped stitches are used to create decorative patterns, usually on borders and other specific areas of the embroidered cloth.

Needlepoint embroidery creates a tapestry-like effect. Needlepoint embroidered cloth is used for pillows and upholstery, and could also be used as decorative wall hangings.

Embroidery work can be on one surface of the cloth, or can completely cover it by stitching through the fabric.

Embroidery is an Age Old Activity

While embroidered cloth makes the users happy, the embroiderers themselves derive greater satisfaction in their work. Just like knitting, embroidery can be an activity that can help structure idle time and keep boredom a little away.

It is no wonder that this activity that brings happiness to both the user and creator was one practiced from ages ago. Elaborately embroidered cloth was a symbol of status in many early civilizations such as Persia and India, and its use in religious objects was also common.

In Europe, the Bayeux Tapestry is an example of embroidered clothing. It is not true tapestry but an elaborately embroidered wall hanging.

These days, embroidered cloth can be made more easily by printing patterns on the cloth using different techniques. Considering that the basic purpose of embroidery is decoration, these printed items too can probably be classified as embroidered clothing.


Embroidery is an activity that creates a certain sense of happiness in both the user and creator. Embroidered cloth had been used as wall hangings, for making pillows and upholstery, as dress material and other purposes.

Embroidered cloth might simply be a piece of cloth on which a simple decorative pattern has been stitched, or it could be an elaborate work with intricate patterns all over, often including objects like beads or even small mirrors. 

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