Good and Bad Poker Chips

Is there a difference between good and bad poker chips? Why is there all of this fuss over chips? What exactly makes a poker chip good and bad? What should you look for to play pokerwith style?Let CasinoGamingStore.Comexplain it to you. 

Good Poker Chips

Like the chips at CasinoGamingStore.Com,A good poker chip is easy to handle and stack. A good poker chip has a nice twang sound to it when it lands in the pot.

For a chip to be easy to handle and stack, it needs to have some weight to it. Most chips in casinos weigh at least ten grams, but they can vary. Chips used for home games really vary more, and could weigh up to 16 grams, depending on the manufacturer and the preference of the individual. A chip should not weigh so much that it is a burden to handle.

Clay poker chips are an example of a good poker chip. Although it is interesting to note that clay chips are not made of clay, but actually, they are a composite of materials that are stronger than clay itself. A good poker chip is meant to last through a great number of poker games. A good poker chip will be durable, no matter how often or rough it is handled. Often, a good poker chip is compressed with a variety of materials to make it a good, sturdy, long lasting poker chip.

Ceramic chips are another example of good poker chips. They are one alternative to clay composite chips, and are popular in casinos, as well as the growing home market. Ceramic chips feel a little slicker than composite chips, and they are easier to customize. Ceramic chips have a smooth surface that allows for excellent graphic work in customization.

Bad Poker Chips

A bad poker chips is hard to handle and stack. Stacking poker chips is very important in a Texas Holdem pokergame. Chips need to be stacked in a fast and convenient manner that will allow a player to gauge what their bankroll is easily. No one wants to spend half of their game counting and stacking chips. These bad poker chips are also easy to duplicate. For example, the plastic chips that are available all over the place for a few dollars.

If playing with those red, white, and blue cheap plastic chips, how hard would it be for someone to slip a few hundred of those chips into their bankroll when no one is looking? It's possible. Either way, one of the things that make a poker chip bad is its lack of originality.