Poker For Beginners

The purpose of poker is to win the pot.This is done by bluffing to get other player to fold or having the best hand.In most cases your opponent is the players and not the house.This goes for if your playing home,online,or casino.Your chances of winning depends on your skill level,your opponent skill level your cards and a bit of luck.

HIGH CARD:High card is when all five cards contain no pairs and are of different suits.If your opponent also have high cards the player with the highest card win.Example if you have 2-7-9-J-K and your opponent has 2-3-9-10-J the hand with the king wins.If two player have the same high card then the next highest card win and etc.until you have a winner.

PAIR:A pair is two cards of the same face value,if players have the same pair the winner is choosen by the high card of the remaining three cards also called the kicker.

TWO PAIR:This hand is two cards with the same face value plus two other cards with the same face value and one singleton.If two player have the same high pair the winner is determine by the second pair.If they have the same second pair the winner is decided by the highest singleton.

THREE OF A KIND:This is three cards with the same face value plus two other cards.This hand is impossible to tie since there is only four cards in any given suit in a deck of cards.Unless your playing a wild card game,then the highest nonmatching card determine the winner.

STRAIGHT:A Straight is five cards of mixed suits,consecutively numbered.The ace can be high or low 10-J-Q-K-A or A-2-3-4-5.If two players have a straight the player with the highest cards win.

FLUSH:A flush is five cards of the same suit,not in numerical order.If two players have flushes,the highest value card determine the winner.

FULL HOUSE:A full house is a pair and three of a kind.Ties are determined by the three of a kind and then by the pair.

FOUR OF A KIND:This is four cards of the same face value,plus a singleton.The player with the highest face value of matching cards wins.

STRAIGHT FLUSH:This is five consecutively numbered cards of the same suit.Just like a straight the sequence with the highest card breaks the tie.

ROYAL FLUSH:This is the highest standard hand,consisting of the five highest card 10-J-Q-K-A all in the same suit.This is also called an ace-high straight flush.There is no tiebreaker for a Royal Flush.

FIVE OF A KIND:This is the highest hand in a wild card game.This is four cards of the same rank plus a wild card.If two players have five of a kind the winner is determined by the highest face value of the matching cards.

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