Jogging & Phone Safety

Jogging Safety: 

·         Physical Fitness is a major part of military life, but ensure your safety when you exercise alone.

·         Jog with a partner.

·         Jog in familiar areas, and avoid secluded places.

·         Do not jog alone after dark.

·         Wear a reflective vest during hours of darkness.

·         Carry a whistle when you jog.

·         Always lock your door when you leave and carry a key, someone might be waiting for you to leave.

·         Always be aware of your surroundings. 


Phone Calls: 

·         Dealing with obscene or annoying phones calls, first thing hang up!

·         Do not talk to strangers.

·         Do not interview the caller to try to find out who he or she is.

·         Do not let your answering machine give you away, that you live alone or are not home. Suggested recorded message "Your message is important to me, please leave your name and number". This message does not leave indication that no one is home or that you are alone. Do not use your name on the answering machine.