Iguazu Falls: Argentinian National Park


The Falls are in the northwest extreme of Misiones province, 18 km from Puerto Iguazu, just where the waters of the Iguazú River offer a unique spectacle with its 275 falls that reach up to 70 meters. They are surrounded by the virgin jungle of the Iguazú National Park, protecting over 2000 flora species and 400 bird and wild animal species. “Iguazú” means “Great Waters” in the language of the Guaraníes, indians that lived in this region.


Two thirds of the 275 falls are within the Argentine limits. However, explore both sides since there is a very good panoramic view from the Brazilian side. To feel the proximity of the falls and observe the beauty of its vegetation, its birds and its butterflies, essential to walk along the footbridges and roads on the Argentine side.

The lower path permits the closest contact with the waterfalls and the natural swimming-pools, allowing the visitor to enjoy an impressive landscape where beautiful rainbows formed by the drops of water of the falls are present. On the banks of the lower area of the Iguazu River is Puerto Peligro, an improvised pier with access through the inferior footbridges. Here, you board small motorboats that cross the river up to the San Martín Islands or navigate by the most abundant falls such as the Arrechea, San Martín, Tres Mosqueteros, Bozetti and Devil's Throat falls.

The higher path stretches along the highest part of the falls, over the Iguazú River, where the cascades start. There it is possible to observe the Dos Hermanas, Chico, Ramírez, Bozetti, Adan y Eva and San Martín falls. From Canoas Port, in the superior part of the Iguazú River, it is possible to reach the Devil's Throat, 80m high. A belvedere built over it allows the visitor to enjoy a superb view of the most imposing and most abundant fall. The fall is 150m wide and 700m long where the Iguazú River flows 1,700 m3 per second.

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