Buenos Aires Flat Rental Service Facilitates Lodging Acommodations for the 2007 Argentine Rural Society Exhibition.

The 121st Exibition of Cattle Farming, Agriculture and International Industry, which took place from July 26 to August 7, received 1,114,218 visitors, exceeding the previous 2004 historic record by 5%. The exposition presented more than 3,800 of the best cattle heads from different races, leather manufacturers, laboratories and supplies for agriculture and cattle farming.


The traditional Exibition of Cattle Farming, Agriculture and International Industry from the Argentine Rural Society (SRA) was presented in the asociation's exibition facility in the beautifull Palermo neighborhood. Buenos Aires Flat Rental Service was present in this important event in the Republic of Argentina, facilitating lodging acommodations to 60 of the fair's participants. The San Luis Rural Asociation with its rural engineers group and the Rural Asociation of Río Cuarto, Córdoba, with the Ateneo group, trusted our organization for their stay in Buenos Aires.


The opening was lead by the head of the Rural Society, Luciano Miguens, the Secretary of Agriculture, Javier de Urquiza and the head of the city government, Jorge Telerman. This is the 121st exhibition, which during 13 days, the main cattle ranchs will present studs and the rural machinery industry will expose its latest equipment. This year's event will include 442 exhibitors, 10 percent more than the previous year, which will show its goods and services to the more than 190,000 participant rural producers.


In this event there were a few additions with respect of the previous year. It held the first National Congress for Promotion of Consumption of Fruits and Vegetables for Healthy Nutrition, as a corolary for the Third Edition of the Fair of Fruits and Vegetables. Also, there was a business round for leather products, which was organized in collaboration by the Rural Society and the ExportAr Foundation.


Among the Fair's new activities, The First Panamerican Biofuels Forum was presented, were international speakers exposed on "Where, how and why to invest in South America, a business that will boost the rural industry." Additionally, several thousand square meters were reserved to expose the most modern machinery, used to harvest grain and farming in general.


Translation by Gerardo Rigo; DSSF in beautifull Boca Raton, Florida USA.