Puerto Madero: Another excuse to celebrate

Continuing down the coast of the river we find the recently transformed district of Puerto Madero. In this renewed space and social scene, Porteños have found yet another excuse to celebrate life and meet with friends in the innumerable restaurants, cafes and discos that populate this fantastic sector by the river.

Prior to its official inauguration in September of 1998, this section of the port had fallen into disrepair. Today, luxurious restaurants, offices and movie theaters have replaced the ancient brick silos, making this the city's most exclusive district, preferred by tourists and business travelers. All the streets of Puerto Madero carry the names of women. The Boulevard Azucena Villaflor directly connects the city to the river. Every Saturday and Sunday, another street, Calle Vera Peñaloza becomes a pedestrian-only zone, where the public can skate, ride bicycles or stroll. Nearby one will find the Reserva Ecológica Costanera Sur, a natural oasis in the heart of the concrete jungle.

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