Safety Tips

SAFETY Buenos Aires is a safe city, but as in any other big city in the world, the tourist should take some precautions. For example, avoid leaving your purse or bag hanging from chairs in public places, as well as walking at night along poorly lit areas.
TOURIST OMBUDSMAN If, during your visit, suffer some kind of abuse or discrimination, communicate whit the Tourist Ombudsman, phone number: 4302 7816. To contact personally, can go to Ave. Pedro de Mendoza 1835 ("Benito Quinquela Martin" Museum) in the neighborhood of La Boca. From Monday to Sunday, from 10 AM to 6 PM.
URBAN GUARD Throughout the whole city, especially all tourist areas, the Urban Guard is at hand so as to inform, help and take care of people in risky or emergency situations.
This official body works in coordination with the security forces, firemen, medical urgency service and some other State organisms.
The urban guard performs their tasks throughout Buenos Aires city 24 hours a day during the whole year.
TOURIST POLICE STATION This police station headquarters receives any formal complaints from tourists in cases of offenses, thefts, petty steal, losses, whereabouts and failed meetings.
It also works on crime prevention. You can here also receive help in the case of extraordinary procedures before embassies or consulates.

You will get information from people speaking in English, Italian, French, Portuguese, Ukrainian and Japanese.
Address: Avenida Corrientes 436
telephone: 0800 999 5000 / 4346 5748
0800 999 2838
An easy telephone for a difficult situation. Call from any public telephone booth. You can call to make a complaint about:

- Commercial abuse cases.
- Thefts, offences, petty steals, losses, whereabouts and failed meetings.
- Breach of services transactions.

In theses cases, Tourism Police Station, Tourism Ombudsman and the Bureau of Consumer Protection are involved to work.

Toll ��" Free Tourism Assistance Line, every day from 9 AM. to 8 PM. You will get assistance from people speaking Spanish, English, Portuguese, Italian and French.


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