EtherWAN an Early Innovator

EtherWAN Systems deployed the first set of managed, hardened Ethernet switches in early 2001.  These were fully managed switches designed to withstand the rigors of the traffic environment per NEMA TS2 specifications.  After deploying several switches in this environment the customer reported no failures and that they had measured the temperatures in the cabinet in summertime and it was 72ºC.  Since the summer of 2001 Etherwan has deployed hardened managed Ethernet products in extreme environments throughout the world.  Our customers trust EtherWAN product to perform in extreme conditions.


Being an early innovator of hardened Ethernet products has allowed Etherwan to develop design and manufacturing processes that produce extremely reliable products that operate in ambient environments specified by NEMA TS2 specifications for traffic operations, which are more stringent than the common industrial environmental specifications.  NEMA TS2 requires product to operate, indefinitely, in an ambient temperature environment that may range from -34ºC to 74ºC and there are requirements for vibration and shock that may be encountered when equipment is mounted in cabinets on bridges and roadways.


EtherWAN Systems has taken the simple approach that the specification requirements are literal.  When an EtherWAN specification states the operating temperature is -34ºC to 74ºC we mean it, the temperature surrounding the product may be at either of the extremes while the product is operating over a sustained period of time.  The product design has been tested in this environment over many hours of operation and stressed beyond these limits to insure the design is sound and will withstand the rigors of it’s intended application.


Being an early innovator has allowed EtherWAN Systems to develop one of the most complete lines of hardened Ethernet connectivity products and has contributed to enhanced reliability for all of EtherWAN products.  For more information come see us at Booth 4023 at the ASIS show or go to

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