Ethernet Extenders

EtherWAN Systems, Inc. releases a full line of Ethernet extenders that are plug and play devices to extend Ethernet over any pair of copper wires.  Cat 5, Cat 3, twisted, not twisted, we don’t care; extend Ethernet up to about 1 Mile.  EtherWANs Ethernet extender uses symmetrical DSL technology to provide reliable full duplex communication between devices over a single pair of wires.  The 3100 series devices can communicate at 50 mbps at about 600 meters or up to 1900 meters at about 1 mbps, using a straight pair of wires or any twisted pair. 


The 3100 series devices offer unparalleled simplicity.  There is one switch to select Local or Remote location, that’s all.  A device selected for Local communicates with a device selected for Remote, plug and play.  Want a spare device, buy just one; it can be configured for Remote or Local as needed.  The device auto senses 10 or 100 Mbps, MDI/MDIX and duplex mode on the Ethernet port and it auto selects the most optimum speed down the wire pair on the DSL port, based on the wire condition and noise environment.  Eight LEDs on the case of the 3100 indicate the operating speed on the wire pair link.


The 3100 series devices consist of a standard commercial grade model, a hardened industrial/traffic model and a hardened managed model.  Using the managed model the user can set basic parameters manually, monitor the health of the link and set alarms to alert an operator if the link goes down.



  • Building Management: no need to pull fiber if telephone or low voltage cable is already installed.
  • Security: Connect to Ethernet equipped devices using existing copper cable. Use low voltage copper infrastructure to communicate with IP cameras.
  • Point of Sale: Use the installed telephone wire to upgrade to Ethernet connectivity.
  • Traffic:  Use your existing copper cable plant to connect to new Ethernet equipped controllers, cameras and other equipment.
  • Industrial Automation / SCADA: Use existing serial cabling and upgrade to Ethernet connectivity.


Ethernet extenders not only save dollars in installation of new cable they same time by using the existing infrastructure making an upgrade to Ethernet connectivity almost instantaneous.

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