Heating a Koi Pond

Koi Pond Heating
There are many reasons for heating your koi pond,maybe you just want to see your enjoy your pond in all seasons .Whatever your reason we just want to give you some insight to make it easy to accomplish. There is now new technology,energy efficient heaters being developed for pond heating.Therefore we recommend electric koi pond heaters,submersible heaters,heat exchangers and floating pond heaters.Pond heating Considerations: First you must determine whether you want to de-ice or actually heat your pond to a specific temperature .Deicers melt the ice to provide an opening for harmful gas exchange only. Heating your pond to obtain a specific temperature can be a bit technical, so if your not sure about the heater sizing we recommend that you contact our koi pond heating specialists. The outside low temperature is the key to your kilowatt requirements and unfortunately it can vary. Your heater output kilowatts are calculated based on your low ambient temperature and if your geographical area drops far below that normal low temperature a safety factor should be included in the calculations.We recommend submersible pond heaters for small to medium size ponds and energy efficient heat exchangers for large ponds.

Koi Pond Information: One period when koi keepers traditionally have their most difficult time with health problems is during the transition from winter to spring. As waters begin to warm up, pathogens are able to multiply at a more rapid rate than koi can defend themselves leading to an increase in the likelihood of disease. If a pond is heated over winter, then this risky period is removed from the koi owners.View info Pond Heaters
The major reasons for pond heater failures;Pond water is usually high in calcium chloride and other minerals,this causes build up on heaters.In time the build up prevents heat transfer and the heater internally burns out.Our new technology completely eliminates any build up.
Salt additives to pond water eventually corrodes the heater surface.We have developed heaters that cant be attacked chemically.The most popular cause of pond heater failure is low liquid burnout.Our new pond heaters don't burn from lack of liquid,they can run in air and will shut themselves down..Visit our web site Heating Your Pond