Top 3 Country Code Searches

Dialing Long Distance: Top 3 Country Code Searches

June 15th, 2007 · No Comments

Dialing long distance from North America? You’ll need both the country and city code of the calling destination.

i.e. 011 + 27 + 21 + Tel #

  • Long Distance Prefix
  • Country Code
  • City Code
  • The local destination number

Below are the top 3 resources:

  1. AJAX Powered Search
  2. 2 Step Search
  3. Wikipedia: Country Dialing Codes
Advantages: Fast, clean and simple design. Disadvantages: No American City Codes Search Screenshot
Advantages: Contains American City Codes Disadvantages: Cluttered, 2-step process

Countrycallingcode Screen
Advantages: Wealth of information Disadvantages: Confusing and no search function.