Client in Port Everglades Drug Conspiracy Found Not Guilty by Jury

Joffe and Joffe Law Firm represented an individual who was employed at the port in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida known as Port Everglades. The client was charged with conspiracy to possess with the intent to distribute in excess of 50 kg of cocaine. The client faced 20+ years of incarceration. The client was also charged in multiple counts of possession with intent to distribute. After two months of trial in United States District Court in and for the Southern District in West Palm Beach, Florida, the client was acquitted on all counts with the jury "hanging" and unable to decide on one count. Post trial, the government stated it would in fact retry the client on the "hung" count. The government then offered a plea to two telephone counts or eight years. The Joffe & Joffe Law Firm was able to negotiate a plea to a telephone count with a capital for years. Client entered the Federal Boot Camp program located at FCI Miami. The client was released from custody within 16 months. The case involved 11 defendants. One other defendant was acquitted. The other nine were sentenced to 20+ year federal prison terms.

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