Stop On By For Better Brakes

They are always there, but you probably never think about them. And yet, if you happen to be in a situation that requires their immediate help, you will really thank yourself that you took the time to improve them. I am talking about the brakes on your vehicle and the fact that they are actually the best safety device you have and some of the easiest car accessories to upgrade. If your car or truck was not equipped with brakes, you would never be able to stop when you needed to and that would cause a lot of problems. So what is available for your braking system that will allow it to work better?


For a simple upgrade of the braking system, there is nothing better than adding some new brake pads. OEM brake pads are designed to give the car decent stopping power, but nothing that will blow you away. By upgrading the pads, you can choose exactly the sort of stopping power that you want. Every major manufacturer makes their brake pads to be better than the OEM pads and you can specify whether you want full on track specification HAWK brake pads, or if you want to go with some quieter brake pads. Depending on what you use your vehicle for, you can find the aftermarket brake pads to truly upgrade your ride.


For an even larger overhaul of your braking system, you could step up to a big brake kit. These types of kits include everything you need to make your braking system as good as possible. New, larger rotors, sportier brake pads, larger calipers and improved brake lines come in the kit. With these parts intact, you can be sure that your vehicle will stop on a dime when you stomp on the middle pedal. Depending on your vehicle type, there are different styles of these big brake kits available and you can choose to equip your ride with rotors that are either slotted or drilled. Drilling or slotting the rotors not only looks cool, but helps increase the stopping power and longevity. Slotted or drilled rotors are perfect for those looking to get the ultimate performance from their braking system and their vehicle.


There are a myriad of options out there for upgrading your braking system. In fact, there are even kits out there that will convert your stock rear drum brakes into disc brakes to give your car better braking performance and efficiency. And besides the performance and efficiency, some new brakes will even improve the looks of your vehicle and the safety as well. Because they are some of the most important parts on your vehicle it is a good idea not to overlook the brakes.