Joffe and Joffe Gets Drug Charges Dismissed

Criminal Defense attorney, David J. Joffe was retained to represent an individual who had previously pled guilty to possession of a misdemeanor amount of marijuana. That same individual, within several months, was rearrested for another misdemeanor possession of marijuana. The client not only faced a possible two year license revocation, but also faced negative immigration consequences based on his current immigration status in the United States. The law firm filed a pretrial Motion to Suppress the evidence. As result of the motion and hearing, Joffe and Joffe, PA was able to show that the officer had falsified evidence in order to sustain the arrest of the client. Joffe and Joffe, PA was able to show the court, through cross-examination and case law, that the factual scenario as set out by law enforcement was not correct. Joffe and Joffe, PA was successful in having the court grant a pretrial motion to suppress. The result was that the state was forced to dismiss its case.

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